Forensic Files II Season 3 has something brand new for the growing ranks of true crime fans to see: 8 new half-hour episodes starting Sunday February 27th. The third season of back-to-back half-hour mysteries feature all new hard to solve cases cracked by amazing science. Settle in once again to the crime show famous for its gripping story style and its satisfying journey for justice.

Pulp Friction

A massive explosion claims the life of a California farmhand. Authorities think it’s an accidental death, but analysis of debris shows it’s a bomb. Investigators have few suspects until they hear ominous rumors about a jealous rage.

Sole Mate

When a beautiful college student is stabbed to death in her Knoxville apartment, suspicion immediately falls on her roommate. A bloody shoeprint left by the killer exposes a murderer with no history of violence and no reason to kill.

Marked For Murder

Someone targets members of law enforcement in a peaceful Texas county. Numerous suspects emerge and murders continue as detectives race against time. Finally, a single bullet casing uncovers the bizarre reason the killer wanted revenge.

Words Matter

An Illinois mother and her two young children are brutally murdered in their beds. Lurid threats are spray painted all over the walls of the crime scene. Detectives discover death threats sent to the family, exposing an unlikely killer.

Last Dance

A young Texas teenager and her boyfriend are brutally attacked on Valentine’s Day. She is found dead while her boyfriend escapes. The case goes cold for nearly 50 years before a new forensic test exposes a family man with a dark secret.

Dog Proof

Three Indiana construction workers are found shot on a work site. Detectives find few suspects, but have one key clue: one of the killers stepped in dog feces during the murders. If detectives can find his shoes, they’ve got their man.

Mix Matched

A Texas ex-con resolves to live a clean life after his release from prison. When he’s later arrested and convicted for a bloody murder, he insists he’s innocent. From behind bars, he’s determined to use forensic science to prove his case.

Matter of Time

An extremely successful California career woman keeps falling ill and doctors can’t determine why. When she dies, they still have no explanation, until they find a key figure in her life has been lying about his past.

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