Policing the Police

W. Kamau Bell heads to his hometown of Oakland, California and the Bay Area to examine the history and current state of policing in America through the eyes of activists, organizers, politicians, victims and police themselves.

Black to the Future

W. Kamau Bell travels to Atlanta to explore the lack of equity and representation in STEM through the vibrant lens of Afrofuturism.

Power of Protest

W. Kamau Bell heads to Portland, Oregon to look into the dynamics of activism, civil disobedience, and protest in America, especially as it relates to the Black Lives Matter movement so visible in the country today. 

The Wealth Gap

W. Kamau Bell travels to South Carolina to examine the roots of America’s inequality and see how some are trying to fix it. 

Thank You for Your Service

W. Kamau Bell travels to San Diego, a city with one of the largest populations of military service members in the country, to explore the disparities, injustices and issues that both active-duty troops and veterans face throughout their careers in service and in their transition and re-assimilation into civilian life. 

The Color of America

W. Kamau Bell heads to Philadelphia to hear from locals in a city that is already composed of majority BIPOC folks as the US Census projects that around 2045 this country will have more Black, Indigenous, and people of color than white people. 

Trans in Texas

W. Kamau Bell travels to Dallas to listen and learn about the joys and struggles of the Black transgender community.

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W. Kamau Bell visits communities across America and explores the issues of race and class that impact them. His unique ability to approach each topic with empathy and humor gives voice to those whose perspectives are too often left out of the conversation.


5/2 10p Policing the Police (Extended Episode) 

5/9 10p  Black to the Future

5/16 10p Power of Protest

5/23 10p The Wealth Gap

5/30 10p Thank You for Your Service

6/6 10:15p The Color of America

6/13 9p Trans in Texas


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