Kamau visits Dallas, TX, the home of the Megachurch, to find out what is creating the new face of Christianity today, in a city where church and state are far from separate.

Not All White People

While in and around Seattle, Kamau takes a look at different forms of activism that white people are using to combat America’s history of white supremacy and the rise of extreme right-wing groups across the country. 

Hmong Americans and the Secret War

Kamau meets members of the Hmong community brought here after the Secret War forced their expulsion from Laos and learns the multi-generational stories of loss, perseverance and hope that make up their American journey.

Body Politics

Kamau visits Jackson, MS to explore the divisive world of reproductive rights and reproductive justice including abortion, sex education, and women’s health.

The Real D.C.

Kamau takes a look at Washington D.C. through the eyes of the city’s residents who show him the vibrant culture of D.C. that is distinct from the Washington politics that surround it.

Out and Proud Salt Lake

Kamau visits Salt Lake City, Utah, to explore the growing LGBTQ+ community living in the epicenter of the Mormon religion.


Kamau visits Milwaukee, WI, the most segregated city in America, to better understand why living while black can be so challenging. 

Toxic America

Kamau visits Philadelphia and Chester, Pennsylvania to learn about the toxic man-made disasters that have polluted these communities for generations.

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United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell, produced by Main Event Media and All3Media America, is an eight-part Emmy Award-winning CNN Original Series that follows sociopolitical comedian Bell as he explores communities across the country to understand the unique challenges they face. In the season four premiere, Bell heads to Dallas to learn about the business of megachurches. In subsequent episodes he will explore the experiences of Hmong Americans, black Midwesterners, white activists in Seattle, women fighting for reproductive justice in Mississippi, the LGBTQ+ community in Salt Lake City, and residents of D.C. that represent a vibrant culture distinct from the politics surrounding them.

“Everywhere I go – airports, coffee shops, the park with my kids — people tell me how much United Shades of America means to them,” said Bell. “They say it’s the first time they’ve seen their community portrayed authentically on TV. And I also get feedback on what could be done differently. All those conversations informed this season and you will immediately know that from the first notes of our new theme song, ‘Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing’.”


4/28 10p et/pt Megachurch
5/5 10p et/pt Not All White People
5/12 10p et/pt Hmong Americans and the Secret War
5/19 10p et/pt Body Politics
5/26 10p et/pt The Real DC
6/2 10p et/pt Out and Proud Salt Lake
6/9 10p et/pt #livingwhileblack
6/16 10p et/pt Toxic America

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