You know their name. You don’t know their whole story.

3/11 Episode 1: The Power of Wealth

Joe Kennedy Sr. is driven by a desire to protect his fortune, his children, and his political ambitions.  His oldest children- the “Golden Trio” of Joe Jr., Kick and Jack, experience triumph and tragedy in World War II, leaving Jack as torch-bearer for the Kennedy family’s rise to power.

3/18 Episode 2: The Path to Power

John F. Kennedy seems the perfect candidate for President. But behind the façade lurk dark secrets. JFK will need everything the Kennedy family can offer to win the Presidency.

3/25 Episode 3: Brothers in Arms

John F. Kennedy becomes president of the United States of America. But in his first year in the White House, JFK learns that winning power is one thing. Wielding it is another.

4/1 Episode 4: Family Secrets

In his first year of office, JFK has faced one political disaster after another, and his troubles are far from over. If the Kennedy Presidency is to survive, it will take the efforts of the entire family.

4/8 Episode 5: The Legend of Camelot

Catastrophic events devastate the Kennedy family. Jackie is determined to shape JFK’s legacy, and a reluctant new leader emerges to keep the Kennedy dream alive.

4/15 Episode 6: The Legacy

Tragedy strikes one more, and all eyes are on surviving son Ted Kennedy as he inherits the burden of expectation. Overcoming scandal and defeat, Ted rises to lead the new generation of Kennedys and continue the legacy of this great American dynasty.

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American Dynasties: The Kennedys is a six-part CNN Original Series that takes viewers behind the public image of America’s ‘First Family,’ revealing how personal relationships within the Kennedy dynasty helped shape national and global events from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the struggle for civil rights legislation. The docuseries spans the lives of Joseph and Rose Kennedy and their children, uncovering how and why this one family so significantly impacted 20th century America.


3/11 9p Episode 1: The Power of Wealth

3/18 9p Episode 2: The Path to Power

3/25 9p Episode 3: Brothers in Arms

4/1 9p Episode 4: Family Secrets

4/8 9p Episode 5: The Legend of Camelot

4/15 9p Episode 6: The Legacy