Bombs & Betrayal

A wealthy real estate developer dies in a car explosion at an exclusive Arizona country club. Who wanted Gary Triano dead? 

Cashed Out

After a bitter custody battle, a mother of six is found brutally slain in her Florida home. Is her wealthy ex-husband the one to blame? 


Murder in the Mansion

An IT entrepreneur in Keller, Texas is killed in a deadly home invasion. Is his widow lying?


Death of the Socialite

An Atlanta socialite opens the door for a flower delivery and becomes a murder victim. Will investigators find her killer in a global manhunt?

The Wealthy Widow

A beloved Pittsburgh physician is the victim of a midday roadside shooting.  Was it a robbery gone wrong or a hitjob? 

Trust Fund Terror

A wealthy businessman, along with his wife and daughter are found murdered in their California mansion.  Is a bad business deal the motive or is the killer also kin? 

Fatal Fortune

A Texas millionaire is shot in his home. Who wanted the retired media mogul dead? 

Spoiled to Death

A successful businesswoman’s ex-boyfriend is dead. She says it was self-defense.  Is she telling the truth?

Money, Sons and Guns

A wealthy real estate developer is found shot to death in his upscale home.  Is what looks to investigators like a self-inflicted gunshot wound actually something more sinister?

Love, Sex, and Greed

A prominent businessman is murdered in broad daylight. What put him in the crosshairs of an assassin’s gun?